I have a series of Vlogs in mind...

Colby Mullinax

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So I've got this series of Vlogs in mind that I'd like to title Far From Home. They will be about my adventures away from home and the new chapter I have begun in my life. It will be more of a travelogue type deal, but is there anything I should or shouldn't do to start off with?

Never done a YouTube channel and would love to get started off on the right foot so to say. If anyone has any ideas or tips/tricks of the trade I'd greatly appreciate it :)

Should I script should I not, should I plan things ahead or kind of let things just happen as I go? So on and so forth lol
the more complicated something is the longer it will take to finish & a higher chance of it not even happeningj,,,,,,,,I try to keep in mind main points/topics of video at hand just to keep things on track & not waste time talking about unrelated things
Gotcha, I'll keep this in mind as I work to get my first slew of content out and see what works best for me :)

I ain't got a day off in sight atm tho sadly so don't know when I'll get to start some stuff up. Thought about making an intro video, but I've heard there isn't any sense in doing that if you don't have any content yet...
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