I have a hater.....

I hate the haters who jump into a video knowing what to expect because it clearly says "apple iphone review" but they hate apple and their products so they open the video and flame.
Yeah, I guess if you are going to be making YouTube videos, might as well start learning how to ignore some people right now. Thist will happen.
all you have to do is ignor it and think about those awesome people who liked your video. it's just one person. BTW as you are doing technology videos, some people are dislikeing the video not because they hate your video, they might hate the product such as. an apple fan would dislike a samsung video because they hate samsung and love apple.
haters gonna hate, potatos gonna potate. don't let one hater effect you, you are doing good. :)

Potatoes gonna potate is my new favourite sentence. :)
The bigger you become the more haters you are going to get. But I have a theory, haters can be an OK thing. Why? They seem to strengthen some folks fan base. The true fans/viewers start defending you which in turns makes them even more loyal to your channel. Have you ever been on a channel where some hater was just getting smashed in the comment section of a high up YouTuber by the Star YouTuber's fans? People like fighting for people they care about. Just another way to look at. :)

BTW you can't let random YouTube trolls dictate how you feel about yourself, not even a little bit because that is exactly what they want to do.