I have 2 similar ideas but don't know which one to do!


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So ok, I like to think of myself as the coffee guy from youtube. I want to do one of two serieses (is that a word?). I want to do either a starbucks vs. (insert local coffee shop here) where I get the same drink from each place, go over the history of the drink, if there is any history of the drink at starbucks, and local place. Then I'd review the drinks and see, based on price and flavor which one is the best.

My second idea is just reviewing local coffee places with the history and drink review minus the whole addition of Starbucks VS thing. What do you think I should do? Which one would you want to see more?
Ur second idea sounds like it would be more appealing to a broader audience. The starbucks thing you will run out of content quickle because once you have explained all of starbucks coffees then there wont be much to talk about without repeating yourself
What you could do is combine both the ideas into one, using the StarBucks as a control (treating the review like an experiment).
So have your two local coffee shops and review their coffees against one another with the StarBucks as a control - as in how each one compares to the StarBucks then how each one compares with the other? That way you will have a standard to compare to, if that makes sense?
I like the sound of both ideas so how about do both?

Starting with the local coffee shops then Locals VS the Big Guys