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I Love YTtalk
YTtalk is home to thousands of video creators just like yourself, we all have channels in many different niches spanning everything from gaming to food to beauty to vlogging and we have many creators who would love to expand and grow with you and collaborating can allow you to do just that.

Types of Collaborations and Meet Ups

There are a few types of collaborations and meet ups:
  • Online Collaborations - These consist of working together online, as a gamer this could be playing games and doing commentary together, as an entertainment channel this could be working together on musical pieces or sketches. These collaborations involve no or little meeting up together in person. Online collabs can include doing voice overs, commentary, animation, musical pieces, video footage recording, acting and more.
  • Collaborating in Person - Typically the creators involved will meet up first to get to know each other in a safe environment such as a public place ie a cafe and eventually move on to working together in person either as a one off collaboration or regularly.
  • Shout Outs/Link Sharing/Cross Promotion - These kinds of collaborations involve little to no video creation at all and can help channels by giving each other mentions on each others channels recommending your audiences to take a look at the other collaborators channel, doing description link swaps, social media page link swaps ie Facebook and Twitter shout outs etc.
  • Meet Ups and Gatherings - These are where creators will meet up with each other whether thats two creators or 30 creators, they will arrange a venue, time, date and other arrangements and meet up in a public place. Usually there is little opportunity for video creation at the meet ups but it can be a great chance to get to know each other and plan on working together. Similar to a meet and greet or a networking event it is an opportunity to make connections with those in your community.
  • Conferences and Paid Events - A good example of these is VidCon and Summer In The City, these kinds of events involve many creators and their fans meeting at large venues. They can be an excellent way to network with other video creators and to meet your audience. These arent typically advertised at YTtalk as we dont allow advertising of paid events/meet ups in this forum but we do allow members to organise their own free meet ups and gatherings at these events and for their own gatherings within this forum.
Collaboration Post Best Practices

The best way to find others to collaborate is to make your thread easy to find and read to do this I recommend the following to get the most out of your collaboration post:

Title - Write a good title, to do this include your location ie city/country if relevant, your niche and any other relevant information, an example of a good title could be - "Film Maker in Columbus Ohio USA Looking to Collaborate on Sketches" by including the city, state and country you have increased your chances of finding someone local to you who could be interested. You have also let others reading know you are a film maker and what you are looking for ie someone to do sketches with. All in all you want to make it easy for others to know what you want without reading your thread.

Thread Text - Remember to include the following where relevant:
  • Your niche - What kinds of videos you make currently.
  • The kinds of videos you want to make when collaborating - Mention what kinds of videos you want to make as part of the collaboration for example you might want to make high quality make up videos.
  • The kind of person/people you are seeking - You might want someone who is heavily into games or someone who is great at marketing content creation or a group of people interested in cooking.
  • The type of collaboration you are seeking - Let your potential collaborator know the types of collaborations you are open to as mentioned above under Types of Collaborations and Meet Ups.
  • Goals/Aims/Purpose - It is a good idea to include what your goals and purposes of the collaboration are, whether that's simply to help grow each others audiences or to find someone to regularly work with, let them know what you want from the collaboration and what you would like to achieve.
  • Location - It is a good idea to include your location when looking to collaborate in person but taking care not to give away too much information, for example your city and country can be comfortable for some people.
  • Requirements - Many channels have requirements for when they collaborate, for example a channel with 200k subscribers might not wish to collaborate with smaller channels in their niche as it would not be beneficial to their own channel. Keep in mind that most collaborations are best when they are beneficial for both channels and both audiences. Consider whether collaborating will help your own channel and theirs and consider the impact it could have on both channels before going ahead. If you would like to ensure you find those with similar statistics and growth to yourself having requirements can help with this. Let us know what size channels you are willing to collaborate with and if there are any exceptions to them.
  • Your Statistics - A good way to ensure others know you're a right fit for them too is to post your own channels current statistics.
  • Meet Up Place/Venue - If you are having a meet up or gathering including the meet up place or venue is very important. It can also be good to include any directions/maps if you are meeting in a public place to make it easy for people to find.
  • Deadlines/Times and Dates - Depending on the types of collabs you are doing this will vary but it can be good to include any deadlines for example if you are wanting voice overs done by a specific date or any meet up times and dates.
Prefixes - One of the best ways to make your collaboration thread searchable, at YTtalk we rely on thread prefixes to help you find what you are looking for. When creating a collaboration thread make sure to use one of the provided prefixes to help make your thread easy for others to find. Our prefixes work as labels so if you are a gaming channel you can select Gaming, the same for Vloggers and most other niches.


Searching For Collaborations

To find a collaboration at YTtalk simply visit the Collaborations and Meet Ups forum here:


From here you have two choices, you can either browse by scrolling through everything in there or you can use our prefix filter and sorter. To use this simply change the "Filter Collab Niche/Type" option to the niche you are looking to collaborate in and then click on Filter Collabs, now you will be able to see everything posted recently that could be what you are looking for.


If you decide to look straight through them all without a filter we have all the prefixed niches colour coded as a visual aid when browsing them all. A light blue for example is for Gaming.


To search for older collaboration threads you can do a more thorough search here:


And restricting your search to the Collaborations and Meet Ups forum.

Benefits of Collaborating

There are many benefits to collaborating with fellow creators depending on the type of collaborations you are doing. Most collaborations where you work on videos together are a great way of gaining exposure to both participating creators audiences, making appearances in other channels videos can be a great way to peak curiosity in their audience and have them visit your channel and hopefully convert into a regular viewer of your own content. Collaborating is essentially audience sharing for the purposes of growth and can lead to gaining great exposure for all channels involved. You can also collaborate without audience sharing and that can be a great way to work together and learn together at the same time. Think about how the collaborating will be beneficial to your channel and theirs and the goals both short and long term of the collaboration before proceeding.

Quick Tips For Collaborating at YTtalk

  • Search for a suitable collaborator and get to know them online first.
  • Consider the main goals of the collaboration and how it will help both channels and consider how it will be beneficial for both audiences.
  • Read our safety tips before collaborating in person or meeting up with anyone.
  • If you are doing a larger collab make sure that everyone involved knows their role in the collab and what they will be doing and when they need it done by.
  • Make your collaboration threads as informative as you can, let them know as much about the collaboration as you can.
  • Make your collaboration thread discoverable, a thread with a poor title will likely be buried within a day or two with very little interest, let others know what you are seeking.
  • Plan your collaborations out well especially meet ups so they go as smoothly as possible.
  • Keep in mind that not all collaborations will go to plan and not everyone will get along perfectly well. Discuss any issues you have and work towards keeping the collaboration on track together as a team effort.
I hope this helps you reach out to creators here to collab with and you have a great time collaborating with fellow YTtalkers. Thanks for reading :)
I .. to draw a LineStrip in my scene,and my myApp class is derived from
vpAppnot vsApp or vrApp,then how can I do? Use OpenGL functions or others?I prefered OpenGL functions to vrGeometry
And how to do this?
I .. to draw a LineStrip in my scene,and my myApp class is derived from
vpAppnot vsApp or vrApp,then how can I do? Use OpenGL functions or others?I prefered OpenGL functions to vrGeometry
And how to do this?

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