How to Upload Movies to YouTube without Copyright 2021

Boris Qs

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Have you ever wandered how other youtubers are able to upload and monetize movie clips without any copyright claims?

Many YouTube creators are convinced that uploading movie clips to YouTube, is a surefire way of getting a copyright claim at the least and at most getting your account removed altogether.

In reality that isn't far from the truth but if you understand how to legally use copyrighted content on YouTube, you can easily avoid any copyright claims

Fair Use is the only best way to go when uploading movies on YouTube. But how can you apply Fair Use when Uploading Movies is where the real problem is

You have to Make sure that your video is at least 60% of originality, Better to go with 80% if possible, but as long as you are very clearly over half of the content, you have a reasonable (if not perfect) claim for fair use.