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What is Amazon OneLink and how can it help boost your Amazon affiliate revenue.

Amazon OneLink, basically is a setup that allows you to link multiple international Amazon accounts, to ensure you receive commission from any international traffic.

If you've signed-up to multiple Amazon Associate accounts for a range of countries, you should be using the Amazon OneLink option.

For example, if you've signed up to the US, Canadian and UK Associate Programs, you will be able to link all accounts.

Watch the video to find out how.

How to use Amazon Affiliate link on Social Media?
Is It Okay to use amazon affiliate link on social media?
Can I put Amazon Affiliate links on Youtube?
Do Amazon Affiliate links work on Facebook?
Can I use them on social media sites without getting banned?

We hear these questions all of the time and the simple answer to it is yes you can!

While Amazon doesn't allow you to use or promote their product through emails / ebooks or PDFs, Amazon is quite okay with you sharing your affiliate links with your audience on social media channels

Whyt the video to find out all about that

How to use the Amazon Associates SiteStripe Toolbar

If you are just getting started with Amazon affiliate marketing you might be wondering where to get the affiliate links of products to promote on amazon.

Maybe you are just wondering how you can enable the sitestripe toolbar.

In this video I am going to walk you through and show you what the amazon associate site strip toolbar is, the features, how to enable it and how to use it to get affiliate links of products to promote on amazon

Things that Could get you Banned from Amazon Affiliate Program

It's never a fun thing being banned from a platform that you love using especially if you are making money from the platform like the case is with the Amazon Associate program

It can also be a real hassle trying to read through the Amazon Associates Terms of Service and fully understand how to apply it.

In this video I am going to walk you through some Overlooked Mistakes that can easily get you banned from the Amazon affiliate program.