How to make good thumbnails without Ps


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So I am a new channel and all that but I did some research on making thumbnails and youtube channel art. First and foremost I want to say I am not good with photoshop so that was out of the question. Learning it might of been smart but to be honest I get intimidated with all the options and features. I just want to make cool thumbnails without a bunch of options screaming at me. So I found a website just like that: is a nice website with an easy to use interface for all those people that are either in a hurry and need to make a thumbnail or channel art or just don’t need anything fancy like photoshop. You can upload some googled photos of what you need and post them there, you can mess around with the options and arrange them anyway you want as well as choose from a broad array of premade templates or backgrounds.

The thing is its like 90% free as well. You sign up, choose the art you’re trying to make and go with the flow. There are alot of free premade templates, backgrounds and so on but there are some that cost. Those are completely optional.

I hope this helped.
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My recommendation is to use GIMP. It's 100% free and is a good alternative to Photoshop with very similar features (layers etc)