How to make Compilation Videos on Youtube without copyright 2020[Make Money with YouTube]

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Aug 3, 2016
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We all know that compilation videos generate tons of views and engagement on youtube and its a classic way of making money on youtube that still works today

But creating compilation video has in the past been a pain in the butt, In the video below we are going to look at how you can start making money on youtube using just simple to make compilation videos

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So if you don't still know what compilation videos are, well, basically compilation videos are simple videos made by putting a bunch of other videos together

This could be a bunch of fun videos, fail videos, actually there are many different categories of compilation videos

So, you have fun compilation videos as one category, you have fail compilation, you have top 10, or like a boss compilation videos and so on

Here are some examples of channels on youtube that are making money just from creating simple compilation videos
Lets check out the this first one one called failarmy.....

So if you click to the video page you can see how many views this type of videos are getting

And its really easy to make these types of videos actually because they are other peoples funny family videos and all you have to do is combine them to create a compilation video that is unique to you alone.

So if you click through to watch you will see that there are many small video clips that have been put together.

Now how do these guys make money with these types of videos?

Well we can not know that exactly but socialblade can give us a rough estimate of what these guys are making

As you can see the failarmy channel is making between €6K to €100K monthly and between 70k and a million annually

And all these is just an estimate of the money made from youtube adsense alone but there are other ways to further monetize these type of videos on youtube ....more on that later

But first how do you go about creating compilation videos that will be accepted on youtube without any copyright strike.

To be able to monetize your videos on youtube with adsense, one of the requirements is that your video shouldn't have any copyright strike.

Now since you are compiling other peoples videos to make your own there is always the chance of making a mistake and getting a copyright strike

Which is why you have to be careful when making your compilation videos.

for example to manually create a compilation video you will have to first find the videos to use for your compilation

you can do that by searching for creative common videos online, creative common is basically permission given to anyone interested to use a particular content online for free.

Now the easiest way to find creative common videos online is of course with youtube for obvious reasons

So let's say you want to create a funny cat compilation video, all you have to do is type in "funny cat videos" on youtube then click on the filter option.

Then select the creative common option and youtube will display all the videos that have creative common license on them

If you click through any of the displayed videos and enlarge the description area you will see the Creative Commons Attribution licence

Now what you want to do is download a couple of the creative common videos, ....I usually just add ss in front of any video link on youtube that I want to download and hit the enter button on my keyboard and I will be redirected to a page where I can download the video.

But there are many video downloaders out there you can use any.

After downloading the videos its time to start putting them together and for that you will need a video editing tool it really doesn't matter which one, any basic video tool will do this

The only problem with the manual way is, it takes a lot of time downloading the videos and then uploading them in your video editor before editing them.

Trust me I have tried it before, its a pain in the butt, especially if you are just starting out and you need to create a couple of videos before your videos start getting any reasonable views

Thats where swarm comes into play

Swarm is a brand new 'Cloud Based' software created to unlock the power the problems of creating compilation videos For Huge Traffic, Subscribers And Profit Without Selling A Thing

basically its a cloudbase tool that will help you for a start create videos without showing your face, It will help you find and download other peoples videos.

Within the tool, you will find a feature that will help you cut portions of the videos and put them together into one video to create your own unique compilation video

Now the unique thing about this swarm tool, the one thing that sets it apart from other similar tools is that it has an in build keyword research feature which will allow you to do ranking research, to find out if its going to be difficult to rank for a particular search term or not

It comes complete with Training On How To Use The Software although you will not need it because Swarm Is Designed Specifically To Be 'Low-Tech' Easy To Understand And Apply.

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