How to make an outro ?

You will probably need a fairly expensive video editor. Basically I think it works like photoshop where you have layers to the video. You can add a video to a new layer and resize it to a certain size then once uploaded make an annotation link over the top of it. Does that help at all? I'm no expert I just looked it up for you. Do you have a video editor?
This will help, thanks :) I saw that I have to make a template with Photoshop and then put the videos in it with Vegas so I am starting right now , thanks again :)
This is so what I was needing to find info on. lol

I'm needing to make an intro aaaaaand an outro for a show I'm kicking off... well, when I get those two things done. lol

As someone with no experience producing intros... this should be fun. lol
Well here is my template, God, it's hard, especally when you are new to Photoshop :D
[DOUBLEPOST=1345652166,1345648264][/DOUBLEPOST]Outro is ready, big thanks to Connor Murray for the tutorial video :) :