How to Get The Ball Rolling?


I have been doing YouTube for a little bit and I need some advice and critique. So far I have made my channel as professional as possible, have advertised to some people, and have made a few videos. Id mean the world to me if you checked me out and gave me some feedback. Thank you so much!
What Loki said ^ to help with that, maybe make a bunch of videos ahead of time and then schedule them. That way you have a buffer rather than having to make a new video every single day and upload it and all that.
start off by having a regular upload schedule. 4 videos in 6 months is not going to make anyone subscribe

I agree, and gaming channels are very very hard to get into because the market is so saturated. Your videos have to be more funny/exciting/engaging then your competition. Not trying to bring you down.
Hey! From a design standpoint, both your header and avatar look really nice, but they don't really mesh well together to make it super aesthetically pleasing. There are a lot of people on this website who offer free or cheap services to make banners and icons that go together super well, I'd take a look around in that area of the forum! (I can't link anything, but it's under YouTube Forums > Graphics, Intros, & Music > Services).

Other than that, like other people are saying, consistent uploading is key. Take the time to make some videos when you have a chance and then just stockpile them to post later so you're not stressed out about it. :)
Good quality videos, and a set schedule for videos will help tons. But im still having trouble myself....takes so long to "get the ball rolling" but keep uploading and uploading and im sure we all can get somewhere with time. :)
yea, a ball doesnt roll by itself, you got to do it! make videos, release them consistently (that means once a week or twice a week etc without fail) and offer someone who watches a reason to share it with a friend. Playing this idiotic game will not grow your channel!! try something original. good luck, i hope you get the success you're looking for
A point to note for your current content right now. Looks like you're trying to capitalize on the craze, which is actually a great idea. However, I think the ship has sailed for I would highly suggest that you keep your thought process running on the same track and look out for the next craze. If you catch it early enough, your channel has a great chance of blowing up. Best of luck!
The ball isn't rolling because there is no court. I watched that agario video (well skipped through most of it) and it's just I'm assuming is you playing it with some loud background music. You titled it Agario with friends so I was thinking it might be some fun friends laughter and banter but nope just loud background music. And like someone already said 4 videos in 6 months? That's not a channel and you know it.