How to Get 4K Quality Football Highlight CLIPS Without any copyright claims 2022

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Where do YouTube football (soccer) channels get their clips from

Is there any website that has 4k quality football highlights for the different European leagues?

So after posting the second video below on
how to upload football highlight videos on YouTube without getting any copyright claims

One of the main Questions asked by many, was where to get quality Football highlight clips

If you have been wondering how some YouTubers keep uploading football highlights without getting any copyright claims and where to get quality football highlight clips to create your highlights

In this video I will Quickly go over some of the tips shared in the first video but still I will recommend you watch that video because I really went in grate details on how to upload football highlight on YouTube

After that we will look at some of the new ways of creating football highlight videos on YouTube without any copyright claim and finally Where to get quality football highlight video clips to download and use for your own highlight videos

How to upload Football Videos without Copyright 2021

All premier league football video matches have copyright restrictions on them.

So, Uploading Premier league football video matches on your channel will easily get a copyright strike and in some cases the entire channel.

But still you can find many YouTube channels uploading highlights of matches just after the match and they upload hd quality videos. and their channels don’t get banned

What are they doing that you are missing out on…In this post I will be sharing with zou want you need to know about youtube copyright rules and how you can bypass it if you choose.

If you are a big fan of football and you want to make a football channel.

But you are constantly being bombarded with YouTube copyright strike here are some tips you can use to bypass the copyright

Now I want to make it clear that YouTube doesn’t support anything that bypasses the laws.

There is no guarantee that your channel will not be affected in the future.