How to Edit Movie Clips on YouTube without Copyright Case Study

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You probably know or most have heard that movie films are made up of sequences, sequences are made up of scenes and scenes are made up of shorts.

Editing movies films for a recap video on YouTube is about taking these sequences, scenes, shorts and turning them into a shorter version of the entire movie

Which software you decide to use for editing really doesn’t matter it might help but it doesn’t matter, Its about being creative

Now because this is a creative process there is no one type of editing that fits all,

So to help you with the editing process, I will just show you some of the best tips you should keep in mind when editing your movie recap videos

Here is a list of tips I will be demonstrating in this video so you can easily apply it when editing any movie you want to upload on YouTube

Tips to Help you Edit Movie Clips on YouTube without Copyright

  • - The first tip is, what ever clips you cut to use in your video from the original full movie.....shouldn't be not more than 7 second long
  • - The second tip is to Cut footages on the action
  • - The third is to try using the Zooming Option, You want to zoom your shorts In and Out
  • - Next is Speeding up and Slowing down footages
  • - Then you have the horizontal flip Option