How Live Streaming Impacted My Channel


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I just want to make a quick post about how live streaming helped my channel.

Last week my laptop crashed, and I have not been able to edit/upload any videos. It killed my when my laptop crashed, but I tried to brainstorm how to keep giving my audience content. I play on Playstation 4 and it gives me the option to live stream to Youtube. I figured I would give that a try with one of my series that doesnt require much editing, and they is the most popular type of videos for the game I play. Just a brief description of the videos. Its pack opening for a fantasy team mode in NHL 17. They come out with new packs all the time at 7pm est. So as soon as a new pack drops, i start my live stream right away! I dont initially get a lot of viewers watching when im live. What happens is since im the first person to open these packs, and get views/tag correctly. My video gets massive (for me) views after. A quick example; I streamed on Friday got a max of 5 viewers at one point. Flash forward to today. My video now has 730 views!!!

Since ive started doing this ive gained 15 followers, and have had a huge bump in views and watch time! Really looking forward to getting a new computer so i can edit videos, and create my regular videos. BUT live streaming these pack openings right now has been a life (channel) saver!