How i became a Full-Time Youtuber


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May 11, 2018
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I gotta say this is one of the best threads I read here so thanks so much for sharing!
I have a LOT of questions if you don't mind and hopefully you have the time to answer them.
I'm also a Gaming Channel, doing this for 4,5 months = Almost 6K and 700K views [I do this because I love it]

1. Right now, my channel is growing but at a real slow pace like yours and not getting enough views. I see on socialblade you have 37K and getting like 15K views average. Even if I had same amount of views it will not be close to a decent revenue in my channel in one month so... Is the majority of your viewers from USA? What's your ratio of Views and Monetised Playback for 100K views? In my case, 130K views video = 26K monetised playbacks = $46 USD YT ad Revenue. My 1000 views video are only making like 50 cents YT ad Revenue

2. My SEO shows a lot of top 1 top 2 ranking results with decent phrases but only getting like roughly 1K views per video while other youtubers are getting like 10K-50K views. Is there something you would change looking at the image I attached?

3. How healthy will you consider your channel if it has 37K subs and sometimes you only get 1,5K views? This is my biggest fear on YT like just watching my channel die or having 100K subs and only 1K views. I'm getting like 100 comments per video but roughly 1K views, I have a small fanbase but no one seems to click the link of my Patreon. Whenever you are available and you come back from your Holiday [Wish you the best and hopefully you will enjoy it a lot] Can you please make a Patreon post about how to promote? Your Patreon Support is amazing!!!

4. Last thing and I'm really sorry for all these questions... I see other YouTubers covering the same game I do (There are not a lot of them and I started kind of early to the YouTube adventure) but I see them getting to 20K, 50K and even 100K subs in like 4-5 months. People comment a lot I have an underrated channel, I just feel like if more people could find me they will subscribe or watch the videos, but I'm running out of ideas of what else I can do. Do you have any suggestions? I upload every 2 days,, maybe I should try my best and upload daily? You think that can be the missing piece of my puzzle?

Thanks so much again for you help and for such an amazing thread!
I'll be reading your How to SEO after I post my reply
Have a great day and holiday,
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