How does YouTube choose which videos to show when you type in your username (and privating videos = views loss?)


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Feb 4, 2014
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So, I was wondering, what exactly does YouTube do to choose the videosit shows when you search up your own username.
One of the videos that shows up when you search my username has 55 views, one has 90 views and another has 2.7k.... Why are they showing such OLD low view count videos? (I'm going to private the two lower iew videos as they... well, I just don't like them anymore hahah so I'm not sure what would show up now)
Also... There is one video that someone did reacting to a video of my unboxing her giveaway that I won (sorry for the long run on sentence..) which STILL shows up! Argh

Also, I know deleting videos obviously reduces your watch time and views, but does privating AND unlisting also do this? There are a lot of older videos that I feel just don't reflect my channel anymore but I don't know if it would hurt my channel in the long run?

Also, if you don't mind, could you search my username 'AmberAndGolden' and let me know what comes up?
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