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Hey there, thank you for coming to read this thread, the YTtalk staff really appreciates the help we get from our members helping to keep this place clean and you can learn how by reading this thread.

Prohibited Content

At YTtalk we have a lot of rules in places to prevent spam and unwanted content. To send us a report simply click the Report button below any post, conversation message or profile and give a brief description of why you are reporting the content and we will review it asap. Helping us in this way helps us find things we may have missed. The following are lists of content that may be reported to us which are prohibited here.

Spam and Solicitations
  • Requests to check out websites, channels and videos and otherwise interact with them (likes, subscribe etc) with exception to posts made in the Videos and Channels forum and briefly in good introductory posts.
  • Posts which dont make any sense at all and have no purpose.
  • Advertisements in threads/posts which have not been approved by YTtalk (if they have been they are labelled as such).
  • Soliciting money and/or donations through crowdfunding/fundraising websites, apps, etc.
  • Requests to download or purchase mobile or browser apps.
Sexual Content

Sexual content could be in the form of an avatar, username, thread title, custom title, signature text, video/video thumbnail, signature video etc
  • Strategically covered nudity.
  • Sexually explicit text.
  • Explicit profanity.
  • Sexually explicit jokes.
  • Sexually gratifying content including images, videos, texts.
  • Sexual tips and sexual health discussion.
  • Links to dating websites.
  • Links to adult websites.
  • Links to websites containing sexual content or content that may be considered adult content.
  • Sheer or see-through clothing.
  • Lewd or provocative poses.
  • Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches.
  • Nudity.
  • Illegal sexual content.

Many common stronger swear words are censored at YTtalk and members are not permitted to circumvent them. Circumventing the censors can be reported and all other uncensored swear words may be reported for moderation too. Profanity in usernames is not permitted.

Racist Posts

Many common racist words are censored here at YTtalk as we take racism seriously. If you find a post containing racist material please report it for review by a staff member.

Drugs and Alcohol
  • Posts promoting drug abuse and usage illegal, prescription and herbal.
  • Linking to sites that sell tobacco products.
  • Linking to sites that sell drug paraphernalia
  • Linking to sites that primarily sell beers, spirits directly from their website

YouTube Downloading, Piracy and Other Illegal Content
  • Piracy of software, games and any other illegal download discussion including but not limited to torrent discussion, newsgroups, peer to peer sharing etc.
  • Discussion of downloading YouTube videos via ANY other services other than the YouTube video manager download feature.
  • Any other content which in many countries is illegal.
  • Discussion of hacking, cracking and related content.
  • Copyrighted material that you do not have permission to share publicly or freely with others.
Violence, Hate, Bullying and Weapons
  • Posted material containing violent content such as breaking bones, getting hit by cars and trains, receiving serious injuries, gory videos and images.
  • Linking to sites which sell firearms and weapons.
  • Posting bomb making instructions or posting instructions on how to injure or kill.
  • Linking to websites that sell fireworks.
  • Posting hate speech in text form.
  • Posts condoning or promoting violence.
  • Harassment of other members or groups.
  • Promotion of hatred against others or groups of people.
  • Attacks of sexual preferences of others or gender identity.
  • All bullying and promotion of bullying.
  • Recruiting for projects such as websites and businesses commercial or not.
  • Recruiting partners for networks indirectly or directly.
  • Recruiting for skype chats and social media groups.
Services, Sales and Trading
  • Services offering graphics with no examples of their work.
  • Services requesting you to visit their website or portfolio.
  • Services with no prices or not clearly stating they're free.
  • Posts offering goods, services and trades which are not for graphics, short music pieces, intros or outros.
  • Posts offering the sale of YTtalk cash.
  • The sale or trading of YouTube accounts.
  • The sale or trading of YTtalk accounts.
If you have any questions at all feel free to message a staff member, we are here to help :) This post will be amended and more will be added to keep it up to date constantly.

To read our forum terms please see here:

Thank you for reading and helping!
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