Help with "Portrayed by Spongebob" Copyright Claim


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Dec 19, 2017
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Alright, so, everyone's been making those "portrayed by Spongebob" meme videos on YouTube this year, right? And there's so many, and they're all not blocked by Viacom, but why has mine been, is what I'm wondering (also why is only Canada okay? lol). This is only my second video ever and I'm not familiar with tricks or anything so I need some help.
I know that there's a certain set of really popular Spongebob clips that everyone uses that probably don't get any issues, and mine is more or less like that except for two clips. I have a ~30s clip from the "sweet victory" song clip and one also about that long from the "Good Neighbors" episode. Those two, when I first uploaded (privately) were auto-detected and I kept re-loading versions with the clips.

But then, not even a week after I make that working video public, it suddenly got blocked by "Viacom_B" again, except with a "manual detection" this time. I'm like, why do they even care about some video barely anyone is gonna watch, and did an actual person report it, cuz that's a bit creepy. Also, how did they find it in the corner of the web? Do they have an algorithm that warns them that I had an auto-detect before, which lets them find me more easily?
It says, and has always said, that "audiovisual content" is the reason, but now when I go in to try and see the parts they have a problem with, which were shown before while it was auto-detected, it doesn't even say it anymore (even when going to the point of almost finishing submitting a dispute, which I don't actually want to do).
So I'm wondering what I can do...ideally I don't want to remove the parts of the video they didn't like, because I feel like it's really unfair since sometimes I see popular videos of this meme that have some less-often-used clips, too! Are they going to always report me since they now have my account on record? Should I make an account to test the videos I upload before putting them on my real channel to get around this? Is my current account a lost case in terms of uploading a video to it? Will they be able to easily find it by the title anyways no matter which account it's on? And do they just hate my whole video now, not even those two clips anymore, since the new claim doesn't specify the parts?
Sorry I have so many questions, but I'm just mad that they're so strict, and I want some help because I put a lot of work into the video. Thank you!
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Apr 13, 2015
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Step 1: stop worrying about what other channels do. They may have purchased the rights, been monetized via a 3rd party claim, or may be getting their own copyright strike next week. Care only about you.

Step 2: If you didn’t create (or own the proper permissions for) all of the video and audio in a video, expect at best a 3rd Party claim or, at worst, a strike. If you’re not prepared for one (or both) of those options, don’t post the video.
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