Help me with a name

you should come up with somethiing rather than asking other people. I wouldnt wannt to have nickname that some random guy came up with...
Hello my name is Sixten and i want to start a YouTube channel!
So i will upload games like Minecraft.But it is one problem, i cant come up with a YouTube name.So you can maybe help me? :)
So i have thought about a name with to words that rhymes. What are you thinking about that, and do you have any ideas?
Hmm... Well. I think it wouldn't be wize to name your channel after minecraft as you might eventually want to diversify into new games completely.

How about:

Yes, I think that you may have a chance of actually having your name as you channel name! Take it quick! (my advice)
Sure you can incorporate SNES in it but the moment you want to move on to another game console your name is obsolete.