Having Copyright Issues With Jukin Media Copyright/ Please Help


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Hello, So i am very confused, For those who dont know, i basically use toys in my videos to talk about hot trending topics thats going around YouTube...

anyways on one of my latest videos i made the video regarding the "My Cat Saved My Son" video...

I went to my video manager and just notice this....

Your video may include clips that are owned by a third party.
Your video is available and playable.
Here are the details:

Here are the details:
  • Audiovisual content administered by:
    Jukin Media Copyright Management

Thinking if i should dispute....

Because i really dont have any video clips nor images in that video...

Please search up
My Cat Saved My Son *TGM Edition*

and tell me.... do you see anything thats copyright included???
because im sure i made the video with no copy right clips nor images in the video....

hope to hear back soon because i just want to be sure before i make a decission to
acknowledge or dispute.....

Oh and by the way i came across a thread on the google forums and seen that other youtubers are saying they been having issues with Junkn media Copyright Managment

saying they liars and thiefs......

"Same problem
Jukinvideo = liar and thief "

Would appreciate any Information of what would be the action that i should take
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