Got A Copyright Claim NOT From The Copyright Holder? Read This

Thanks for the information. Due to me making Meme edits and music mashups and the like; I think this will help me with the copyright claims I get sometimes.
Well, used to use Magic music maker 2018 i think, then third party claimed the music i did, it was UK music bla bla, anyways big corp xD then i send demand bac kt othem its not their made, then i got back youtube reply and said, if i try fight 1 more time back, my acc might be deleted xD its so stupid when did that myself lol xD but i think nothing music makers are safe to make own music, unless making voices self, using bottles, metal, guitars, pianos etc and record the voices :D stil ltho, youtube might cry xD

Greetings to everyone.
I am still new here and surprised with this thread. As I feel the same, got claim by someone who is not the original creator.

Well I am a Donghua chinese animation / CGI lover and want to share my video downloaded from the internet. Yes, some of them claimed by the creator which is I am fine with it. But lately some of my videos which already uploaded for sometimes suddenly got claimed and take down manually by 3rd party (AlfDigital)
I traced that someone hiring a 3rd party company to get a copyright on those videos. So now only he that can upload these videos.

What made me curious is that these donghua videos made by Chinese while these guy who is freely upload these videos from Vietnam.

When I tried to search this video title on youtube, here goes the result

I found there all the videos that I cant upload

My question is: Do we allowed to claim a video which is not made by me to ensure that everyone only come to my channel to watch?

Hope I can get some advise from expert here.

Thanks in advance.
Hello everyone,

I am a composer of free creative commons music which luckily, has not been claimed yet but, I am in the business since 2007 and know one or two things about ContentID, copyright infringement, and why music triggers copyright claims. If you ever receive a copyright claim that has not been issued by the copyright holder dispute the claim; as previously noted in this thread, but ALSO make sure that the composer/copyright holder is being informed. There are steps that can be taken against false claims and since money is involved, publishers, music aggregators and distribution platforms will take any information about false claims very seriously. Sometimes even composers infringe copyrights if they do not compose their music from scratch, note by note, and/or happen to use pre-produced loops within their production - in that case, there may not be much that can be done. That's also why it is important to check the source of the music, make sure it in fact is "copyright free" before potentially running into these issues.

Here is what you can do to minimize your risk:

1. Pull the music into your video editing program, attach a simple picture to the music, render the video and upload it to YouTube (some even have dedicated accounts for doing this) just to see if it already triggers any copyright claims before you spend endless hours in editing.

2. Only use music that you are allowed to use, don't trust the words "copyright free" blindly and don't get it from a shady source, no matter how good the music may be.

3. Try to find additional information about the composer, it is always a good idea to know where the music comes from - if there are any questions or issues, you will know who to contact. Any serious composer has social media accounts or a website these days - can't find it? Skip to the next track.

Last but not least, don't be silent - if you notice something out of the ordinary make sure to inform the people involved - ContentID is still pretty primitive and can be "tricked" (panning, changing key/speed, .etc) the fight against false claims only works with your help.

Hope this helps!
Hey im new here and wanted to ask something about copyright strike.
1 month ago one kid ( kids are always sending copyright strikes) said this video is mine and sent me a copyright strike but that video wasn't his video, Im sure like %100, after negociacion he took his strike back so does youtube. But my channel views went down after that false strike. Your channel is not being on users recommendation page anymore and less ads on your videos. YT is not telling us clearly but it doesn't matter if its a true or false copyright strike, youtube is putting your channel on a suspicious list. Probably like a secret agenda i dk. What is your opinion abour that
By doing this, they now claim material containing that content despite not having the rights to it. Several recent examples include trailers from certain video games as well as soundtrack material utilized in remix music.