Good Microphone For Vocals

Aaron Kelsall

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Hi Guys,

I'm wanting to record a rap. Yes. A rap. I know looking at my picture you'll be like WHAT THE!?

But.. it's all just a laugh isn't it.

Anyway I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on how to record crisp vocals. Any software / microphones / other hardware that I should have to do this?

Maybe there's someone out there that records covers or something that would know the best way to do this?

Thanks for any help!
I haven't really thought about price range. Obviously I don't need a Beyonce-style £££££££££ mic. But something that's a good solid buy...
SM7 (B) - £360

Shure 58 - £90

Aston Spirts - £600

The mics above are all good mics, S58 is your standard microphone but is used by every many! SM7 is used by loads of top recording artists like James Brown. The Astons are really good but are pricey as! You will want a mic stand, a pop filter, a audio interface and some editing software like logic pro.

Hope this helps :)
With you on all of that. Have Logic Pro already just never actually done anything with it. Just one thing? What do you mean by an audio interface?
Awesome sounds good! An audio interface gives you the ability to connect professional microphones, instruments and other kinds of signals to a computer.
If price doesn't matter you want a quality microphone you can try out "Neumann TLM-102"'s awesome for vocals.Currently the online price of this mic is $699.95 :)