Giving Advice On Copyright Topics - A Request To The Forum Community

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Rhetorical Porcupine
I know that this thread, if followed will reduce the activity of this particular section of the forum but at the end of the day, less noise and more actual information is very very important.

I've been keeping tabs on the copyright forum because I agree with the staff that it has real value. We deal with copyright issues all the time on YouTube and the more people know, the better.
However, there are a significant number of posts that have been made in response to others questions asserting knowledge of copyright that is quite simply wrong.

Please please please, if you don't know the answer to something, don't pretend you do, don't guess or give what you think the answer should be. This is not like the strategy or technique forum where there are a huge variety of correct answers. Copyright doesn't have the same amount of variance and your best guess could get someone in trouble. Unlike the rest of the forum, barring some legal issues relating to networks and contracts, copyright is a dangerous topic. This stuff can get channels closed down.

So, here's my request. If you really want to help in the copyright forum that's cool, but please be willing to take some time and do some research. If you know the answer, then for sure let people know. If you're kinda sure, be 100% sure before you post advice. Post your sources even so people can read up on it for themselves.

As I said, I totally agree that this forum is needed. YouTubers need this kind of assistance and information. We just need less guessing because when it comes to copyright, sometimes you don't get a second chance.
I'll see if I can get YouTube's approval to post the copyright section of the production handbook. Though I sure that people will argue with the material in there as well.
I agree. This is not the forum to post in just for the sake of posting when bored or whatever. If people don't really know the answer to OP's question, it is often better to just not reply at all.

Posts with vague advice followed by vague disclaimers such as "then again, I have no experience in this...." are no help at all and just make a complex subject even more confusing.

As always, anyone can use the report button to report posts :)
I couldn't agree more and have stickied this to help spread awareness of the importance of knowing what you're talking about with such subjects. Thanks for posting this.
Here is the best advice for anyone coming to this forum with a question on Copyright. First, Google "10 Common Copyright Myths". After viewing the information on that page, which is provided by the UK Copyright Service, Google "YouTube Copyright School" and carefully read/view the information found there. Afterwards, don't try to re-interpret what you have learned to fit what you wish to do with your video post, but take these at face value because they spell out the letter of the law where Copyright is concerned.
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