I've Got It
I downloaded GIMP to make YouTube Thumbnails, but I am having trouble using it correctly to make a decent picture. Help, anyone :(
It takes a bit of practice, I'm still not a pro.
I'll try to make a tutorial on how to make thumbnails.
If you have any specific questions on how to do something, please feel free to ask.
Going to be a moment, downloading new software to record my desktop. My game recorder is being a game snob tonight.[DOUBLEPOST=1352012034,1352009975][/DOUBLEPOST]I seriously want to nerd rage on this thing. It takes forever for me to render videos >.<[DOUBLEPOST=1352013309][/DOUBLEPOST]Keep an eye on my channel, it will be up soon.
I'm off to bed, work in the morning.
I made a photoshop tutorial a while ago on how to make thumbnails, Not sure if that's of any use to you but if you'd like me to link you I can :)
Well let me just find the link, Some one uploaded it a while back to there channel because I deleted it off mine. It might help you a little bit so I'll send it and you just see what you can do from it :)[DOUBLEPOST=1352015813,1352015680][/DOUBLEPOST]