Gimmie that sweet feedback bois


I Love YTtalk
So I haven't done one of these in awhile, obviously because I haven't been uploading frequently in awhile, and I'd love to get some feedback regarding my channel as well as my recent videos!

I've been wanting to change up my channel banner for awhile, so I'd love some feedback on what you think would be a good fit for that!

Regarding my videos, I'd love to get some feedback on how I can better edit my videos on iMovie (I used to go all out on editing but I feel like I've kinda chilled on that since most of those were made while I was at school/dealing with school stuff; plus of any cool things that i can do on iMovie please share those tips with me!), If I should change how I make my thumbnails (is it too much or not good looking?), and overall I'd like to get your opinion on whatever you think I can improve on!