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Furby - Kids React To Furby Toy

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A cute little fluffy toy that speaks when someone touches it, kids just love such things. Keeping in mind what the children of today admire and aspire for, Furby is definitely a toy that every kid would ask for. Shaped like a small bird with red feather, s tiny beak and big eyes and ears, this toy interacts with the children when touched.
Glowing big eyes, be careful because this little innocent birdie can bite you as well. Furby can laugh, talk and move its ears which simply make it more adorable. It dances a little and sings songs so that the kids never get bored. This little bird is a full entertainer and having it in your house is the best way to kill some free time. Harmless and cute, Furby makes every kid fall in love with it. Play alone or along with your siblings, Furby will definitely become every kid’s best friend. In times of boredom, this cute little creature will bring a smile on faces of kids who have nothing else to do.
The flappy ears and moving beak adds to the cuteness of this toy and the ability to make different sounds makes Furby a hit amongst the children of all ages. Soft to touch yet hard from the inside, the battery operated Furby is one fun toy to have in your home. It makes everyone laugh and while playing with it, you won’t even realize when the minutes passed by.