Fullscreen Network Review.

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Feb 8, 2012
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Mission British columbia canada
Channel Type
Network Name: Fullscreen

Time With Network: will be 2 years in september

Total Contract Renewals: o

Review: Fullscreen has been great for us (Vahnchand) so far. We have been with them for almost 2 years and it feels great to be able to have any questions or concerns answers about what we can and cannot do. especially with copyright things. just simple questions like "would we be able to ware a superman shirt in one of our videos" was answers quickly and professionally. really appriciated them taking to time to answer such a small question!

Support Rating: i haven't had a reason to ask anything of them so far this year..but in the year prior all my questions were answered quickly and professionally. the support team gets a 10 form me easy (mind you it was a year ago and they are a much biggere network today so suport might take longer now)

Features Rating: i have never used their features so i can't really give it a raiting. People I have talked with that have used the Features seemed pretty happy though.
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