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YTtalk Mad
Jun 15, 2014
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Network Name: Freedom
Time With Network: 30 days approx
Total Contract Renewals: 0
Review: A
Support Rating: 0.1/10
Features Rating: 01/10


So i first joined Freedom on this channel for first time ages ago, it looked good by its cover and image. everyone was welcoming and felt great their. was making friends and growing faster, and updating people. but the support was bad to be honest, *Mean Admins* not going to go into detail but it was disrespectful. The live chat. you can't even say hi to anyone with out there being a rude person telling you to be Quite.

The cpm was okay, it was about 3 to $ per mile. a.k.a cpm

The interface was okay, not really interesting. but worked.

It feels like theirs no space their, everyone helps each other by subbing to each other. not type of family i want to be with.

When i wanted to leave it was a battle. Admins would keep deleting my tickets. when i was asking to leave. i finally got out when i contacted youtube support. *Don't know how i did that tbh* and i was free.

Do i recommend it? not really. their are better ones. Hope that was helpful.
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