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Dec 2, 2013
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Network Name: Freedom TM

Time With Network: 3 Months

Total Contract Renewals: There is no contract!

Review and Features:

Freedom is a great network for a lot of small channels who are trying to make it into the YouTube world. I got accepted into Freedom with only 30 subscribers and a little less than 1000 total channel views. They are definitely very lenient when it comes to accepting people. The founder of freedom, George Vanous, was actually the founder of a popular network called TGN. However, TGN did not end up being the way he wanted his network to become. They provide a lot of resources for people to make their channel look more professional such as custom banners and logos. They are also sponsored by many companies and they are actually giving out free recording equipment to a few people every day. They provide a lot of Royalty Free Music which is very useful for your channel. The best part about it is that there is no contract! So you can sign up and leave whenever you want. Now for the revenue share, you get 60% of your earnings and they get 40% which is not too bad considering there is no contract. But you can also increase your revenue by contributing more to their network. The more you post on your forums and the more your channel grows, the more points you will get. You can redeem these points to bring up your revenue from 60% all the way to 110% for the month of your choice. However when you first sign-up for Freedom, you won't get your first paycheck until 2 months after signing up. So you basically get paid for the month you uploaded 2 months after. So for example, if you uploaded 10 successful videos in the month of January, you'll get paid for them at the end of March, which is sort of a bummer. But the features they have make up for it.

Support Rating:
Their forums has an online chat section which is very useful if you have a quick question about the network, or you can contact the network themselves for more important questions. I haven't used much of their support features, but they do have a very detailed FAQ section on their website and their channel that answered most of my questions.

I definitely love all the features and support they give to us even when we are still small. The revenue share is a bit low but you have an opportunity to increase it and there are no contracts. When you login to the Freedom forum, you'll have to sign in again even though you signed into the Freedom website. It's kind of tedious but isn't really much of a problem. Other than, I would definitely recommend this channel to a lot of smaller channels out there who are trying to grow. Good luck to you all!
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