I've Got It
I recently returned to making Youtube videos after a two year hiatus. During that time period I was in the midst of a deep depression. It was hard to care about any particular topic enough to base my channel around. In a lot of ways I'm still in that position and my content reflects that. I've experimented with animation as well as a horror sketch comedy series. Just two of a hand full of different ideas I've played with. For the record, I take quality very seriously and won't upload anything I find to not be entertaining. My question to you is this: Should I focus my efforts on one subject or spread them out? What works for you?
You should focus on one specific thing, but occasionally post other things so whatever you are getting views for the most do that mostly, but post something on other things you are currently doing every now and again to keep your content interesting.
I think this fits better in the strategy forum, although I'd suggest updating the title to something a little more relevant to the thread content.
Focus on one thing but try to relate it to what is trending or about to be trending. Is your niche swimming? Make a video about what would happen if you swam and the clown from IT chased you. Could you survive? Elon Musk is popular. "If Elon Musk was a swimmer..." Relate what you do to what is being searched. That's how you grow, that's how you get views.