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Hi All! I am filming these!!! In England


Due to the weather this project has been put on hold,

This will be more likely next weekend 9th August onwards in Bedford, UK (if its nice and sunny then!)

Original message:
My name is Tom and this is my first message here (so if i leave anything out please feel free to ask!) I am looking for some fellow YouTubers to join me on a film shoot tomorrow!

So as you can see its very urgent as this is happening tomorrow, but I am the only person filming and would love to meet with like minded people.

I am filming nine cute micro pigs tomorrow in Ridgmont, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom with an amazing company called Pet Piggies . co . uk. Get in touch and il email or DM you the full address and directions as well as my contact details. The plan is filming them in a swimming pool, sand castle and other similar things which have been set up for filming.

Micro Pigs are growing massively in popularity so if you want to jump on the micro pig train and guarantee lots of views then this is for you.

I will be filming this in 4k tomorrow and if you come along I can let you use some of my clips in your YouTube show as well!

If you want to film adorable pet piggies for your YouTube, Instagram or Facebook account then this is an ideal opportunity. :) Or if you just want to meet other YouTubers and help out on set your welcome to do that also!

Please get in touch as we have a tight deadline (tomorrow) and I can let you know times, place and contact details! This job is in England just North of London, so if you live outside the UK then it might be too far to come! I am driving tomorrow so if you are on route I can give you a lift and drop you back for free :)

My Youtube channel is Feel Good Films and my first video will be released next week on Tuesday 14th July!

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
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Don't live in England so I can't help in this case, but since I am a pet channel I would be willing to work with you in the future :)
When I saw the title I was like "Who would make a short film about micro pi.... OMG They so cute!!!!" and then I threw money at my computer screen. That's how I order things online.
Hey everyone, sorry but this project has been put on hold due to the weather, I will re-post when we have a good date to do this :)
The location will be Bedford So not too far :) What kind of Channel do you have? And how would you like to get involved, Vlog? Filming yourself for the main video or BHS?

Well I usually do videos which deconstruct or explain characters, or different parts of geek culture using animations to illustrate my points.

I think I could really get into the idea of filming the pigs and making a video about facts and myths around them, using animated graphics to illustrate said facts.

It would be a really interesting take on what I usually do.