Well if you don't get it removed keep making videos because if your lucky it will be gone in 6 Month. I'm waiting for mine to be removed from September 13th 2012. Good luck hope you get it removed because copyright strikes are a pain in the a**e!
I wish youtube block feature actually prevented folks from seeing your page.. instead of just preventing them from commenting..

This this this times one million. It should at the very least prevent them from interacting with your videos on any level. Usually, if you block someone it's for a reason. Or the report function should be totally manual rather than these stupid automated functions they have. The amount of times I reported this guy's videos that he made about me slandering my name, and YouTube always reported that they could see nothing wrong with it, so clearly nobody watched the videos!
You have to talk to the police about this guy so there will be a record of this stalking, and ruining your life stuff. I'm more concerned about your safety at this point. OK, about your channel I believe you should follow Michael's advice. If you fight this he has to prove to be the copyright owner. He will have to lawyer up and they'll remove the strike and put your video back up. This supposedly happened to a lady on some website forum I used to go to, minus the stalking part. She said she got the strike removed and the put her video back up when the guy didn't or couldn't go to lawyer up and provide proof. I completely understand why you are ticked off.