Facebook is stealing YouTube views......


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This applies to not just my videos but all videos on YouTube in general.
I have started noticing more and more Facebook "Pages" that would re upload YouTube videos on their Facebook page, sharing the video all over Facebook.

Now I am NOT talking about YouTube links.
This has to be a copy rights infringement. Is there anything that is taking place to prevent this from future growth?
Is it possible to report Facebook videos like we can on YouTube?
Us YouTubers need to report this or take it to the next level because Facebook is literally taking over YouTube.

What do you think??
FB normally takes care of it pretty quick too. Most times they just remove the entire profile or page .. no excuses no warning. I've had to report a number of people over my photography.
i have seen the samethign.. videos from YT uploaded in FB as a FB video not enbem or shared.. and they get to many fb shares, like etc. so that means if they real video from YT is not getting tthe views they deserve because of that -_-
Yeah, this is actually one of the main reasons gallon smashing became so big. Pages would upload the video on there own and people would think its original by them when it wasn't
its great that we can report it but is there any way we can stop this from even happening? is something like this in the works? i see this becoming much bigger issue in the future...
I think that somebody would let me know if one of my videos were pilfered and uploaded to Facebook but now you have me curious and I should do some searching.