Everyone knows Sub 4 Sub Right.. DON"T DO IT!!!

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Yeah Sub 4 Sub is bad news.

Promotion and proper tagging are what's worked out best for me. I've been constantly focusing on tags and specifically Twitter promotion and it has been working wonders lately. Just gotta keep at it. Its funny to me when people give up after a month expecting to be huge or something.
Sub 4 sub is a terrible idea, it just makes your channel have a bunch of dead subscribers. I want to build an actual community around my channel, you'll never get a community using sub 4 sub.
YES, i agreed. Two months ago I thought the same but after week I realize subs 4 subs is a fog. So don't do it. Go step by step and you will have real subscribers and they will watch all your videos and liked it.
There is nothing that makes me more mad then seeing sub4sub people on my videos/ people I subscribed to (and thought were genuine people) Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth >_<
Sub4sub people drive me nuts. I don't do sub4sub, but those people are always subscribing to me in hopes that I will sub back. Then they either ask for a sub back (or demand it, those are the best *eyeroll.) The word sub is in my list of "bad words" so the comments don't go through. My favorite is when they comment on something at the beginning of my video- often parts that aren't anywhere near the best parts of the video- letting me know they definitely didn't watch the video. These people either don't watch your videos or only a tiny bit which really hurts your retention. Some MIGHT actually be someone who likes your videos, but most of them are completely pointless and hurt rather than help your channel. I wish I could get rid of some of them who are subscribed to us. I'd rather have 10 subscribers who love and watch our videos than 1000 who never do.
I agree, you want an active following. But, there is a bright side of this too, but I'm not talking about sub4sub youtubers but sub4sub websites. If you're a small youtuber and find it hard to get views even though you make good content, it may be because people don't care about videos with few views or channels with few subscribers. I can see why people do it, but you shouldn't do it as a habit, only if you're very new and need a little help.
Right! I'm not a big fan of sub4sub, I feel like YouTubers are cheating their YouTube success. Even though the journey to a successful gaming channel is hard, I'd like to build a community of people who really cares about me and my contents. If you'd like to grow, do it the right way.
I don't understand sub for sub, I have a Youtube channel because I enjoy playing hockey and making content. I think its mostly children who do Sub for Sub because they get a justification for what there doing by a grossly inflated sub number...I've seen people doing sub 4 sub who actually have 0 content on there channel lol.