Editing In Audacity From Sony Vegas


The Brown Fudge
Dec 14, 2015
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So I have split audio recordings meaning I have 3 tracks when importing my recording into Vegas. One for teamspeak/skype, my microphone and the game. This gives me absolute control over audio. What I do is right click on the tracks and open in audio editor (which you have to set as audacity). I use a bunch of the filters available to me to make my voice and my friends voice sound a lot clearer. The top effects that I use in order is:
  1. Noise removal (I already have a sample of noise clicks, keyboard clicks and background noise on a different audacity save to make this work)
  2. Bass & treble
  3. Normalize
  4. Amplify
What effects to you guys use I know some people like to use the equalizer a lot be interesting to see your ideas and results.