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Wondering whether you can monetize lyric videos on YouTube?

How about all the popular lyrics videos you see on YouTube? Someone most be making money from them, right?

But How?

We all see lyric videos all the time on YouTube and search for them on many occasions, especially when we aren’t sure what the artist is actually singing

Usually lyric videos turn to be as popular as the original video clips itself, thousands if not millions of people search for lyric videos every day on YouTube.

But the big question now is does YouTube allow lyric videos to be monetized on their platform?

Now to save you time, I will just skip to the short answer, which is simply no.

and that’s because most Lyric videos are copyrighted videos and as you know YouTube doesn’t monetize copyrighted content on their platform

So if that’s the case how do these other Channel creators get their lyric video content monetized on YouTube?

In this video we are going to look at

  1. What other channels are doing to monetize their videos,
  2. The different ways they do it and
  3. What you can do if you Really want to make some quick cash with a lyric channel without worrying about copyright

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