Do you translate your Youtube Captions?


The Bostonian YTtalker
Do you speak another language?
Do you translate your auto generated captions into other languages?
I speak 2.5 languages. If you're wondering french is the half. I've always wondered if people are translating their videos.
One of my youtube friends from india translates all their captions from english into an Indian language.

I know Youtube sort of looks at captions to understand what the video is about, though I'm not interested in this for SEO.
I'm mainly
interested in it for
accessibility and for reaching an audience that isn't fluent in English or whatever your original language is.

I translate all videos, as it really expands the audience and increases subscribers many times over. If we talk about the translation itself, I started with 1 language and did it myself, then with the help of free Google offers, but native speaker subscribers began to write to me that there were a lot of strange words and phrases that didn’t fit in any way, so I decided to try a more professional one translation and tried to translate with the help of AIR Translate, there is a normal price and the quality of the translation is really good, plus you can write to the support and they can give a couple of practical tips