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Oct 16, 2013
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Union for Gamers/Curse

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10 Months

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ZERO because there are no contracts


What makes Curse so appealing to me is what they represent. After reading the horror stories about other networks taking advantage of content creators using a model of sign them all, lock them in, and live off the small percentage of successful YouTubers that are stuck with a contract that benefits the network not them, I came here to this forum for advice on which network might be a good fit for me.

It was suggested by a few notable members of the forum and YouTube community that I go with Curse for 2 main reasons. First, no contracts or well better stated, you can leave 30 days after giving notice. Second, was the 90/10 split they offer. I have had dozens of offers from other networks in my YouTube inbox, but not one has been close to offering either of those not to mention a CPM as high as what I am currently making.

The CPM is not fixed, and it will ebb and flow as the ad budgets go up and down during the course of the year. This leads me to my next point. If you've been a YouTuber earning during December, you know how high the CPM is that month vs January. At first I was surprised to hear that for January they decided to give us a 95/5 split instead of the normal 90/10 since they knew we were hurting from the drastic drop in CPM. This was a huge red flag that they care, and that money isn't their goal above all else.

Not only where they created out of what I see as a necessity for a safe place for new content creators to join, they really do believe in what they're doing. I was already sold on the no contract, great 90/10, good CPM's, and the ideals the network was founded on, but I saw clearly that it wasn't a simple business tactic to mislead content creators to their network, it was something they really believe in.

The loyalty that creates is seen in the networks personal forum by the helpfulness of everyone there. My definition of Karma is not the one in the book, but it goes something along the lines of doing good for another means they are more likely to help the next guy out and spread more kindness around. This is an aspect of YouTube itself that is seen time and time again without having to mention anything about a network, but it's also evident Curse is part of that cycle of positive actions, ideals, and ideas that lead to more of it in the community as a hole.

Having a network that I not only believe in, but one that actually gives a crap about me, is a good feeling. It's also why I've personally taken it upon myself to bring in about a dozen or so new members for them.

Support Rating:

It's hard to put an actual number rating on the support since I really haven't needed it, but I can say that if you got questions, you'll get a response within a day. I wish I had more to speak about in this area, but that's about all I got.

Features Rating:

Outside of the 90/10 split, no contracts, their transparency in how they do business, the key indicators that those running the network are not just there to take a content creator's money, I haven't gone searching for anything else. I got what I need, and have been more than happy to grow nearly 40x in size during my 10 months there.

I would give them a 10 out of 10 from my experience so far.

Wow, I'm a fan boy haha! Honestly though, it's how I actually view the network, and that perspective has only been strengthened the longer I've been with them. I believe there was some issue in a payment one month that was a day late or something. Don't quote me on the mistake part and I could be wrong in what they did that upset a few members, but you can quote me on how they decided to pay us 10 days early the next month to make up for it.

Now if you're a new channel, no they won't accept you. They require 1k subs and/or 8-10k monthly views, but if you're not at 1k subs or not getting enough views to actually earn a decent payout, monetizing isn't always the best idea. This is just another example of why the cliche "patience is a virtue" is such a popular one.
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