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Jul 6, 2020
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Hello community,

I'm brand new here and I'm thinking of starting a YouTube channel.
I would like to edit and use videos that have been uploaded to YouTube under "Creative Commons license with source (re-use allowed)".

Here are my questions:

Can I just use the videos or do I still have to get the consent of the channel operator on whose channel I found the video despite the CC license?

Is everything that is under CC license on YouTube automatically a CC-BY license?

Why do videos always appear when searching for CC videos that do not have any license in the description?

What license are the videos subject to without a license?

Unfortunately, despite looking for the Internet, I didn't really get much wiser.
Thank you in advance for your answers!
And sorry if the questions have already been answered here in the forum, I unfortunately did not find anything!

And sorry for my Englisch, it's not my native language.

Best regards
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