COPYRIGHT questions and future PARTNERSHIP


Hey I was unfamiliar with partnership and its need for a gaming channel.
After doing some research I realized the youtube partnership wasn't enough.
I have some gameplay videos that were monetized and have gotten some views. I have removed monetization from my channel and those videos.

Now do I have to delete these videos to stay in good standing just in case?
How do I avoid future copyright with gameplay before getting partnered?

*EDIT* My gameplays have commentary and a face cam. There are very little games that allow full use such as minecraft. What I've been hearing is as long as I don't monetize those videos and have commentary and a face cam I should be fine. Even if there are cut scenes and music from the game? Is background sound and music the same thing?
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You are way to worried , a network will not offer you that much anymore. Read up on fair use , and make sure that you remove all cut scenes and in game music. If you do that you should be fine!
Fair use bro. As long as you have commentary over gameplay, you're fine. Just don't play games that are released and upload cinematics of them even if you have your voice in it. They don't want game devs to spoil other consumers.
You don't need a network to do gaming videos. You only need to find out which games allow YouTube videos. In general, don't use any music from the game nor any cinematic cut-scenes.