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Benedikt Brunner

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Im Moustache Spy. My channel is currently paused cause my pc broke. Please dont check my channel out because i want to start making better videos as soon as i restarted it and thats what the collab videos ( and a video solo videos) are for. Anyways to the actual post :
Im moustache Spy and im seaching for a collab partner and youtube friend.
My channel has 48 subscribers and its paused atm
I can only record PC games so you will need to collab with me using PC games.
Im a nice and friendly person and im shure we need can come along nicely.
It would be nice if you have 40 subs or more BUT less work too as long as you know what you are doing.
Im a little shy at first but after a while that will settle ( also i might seem boring at first. That comes from the shyness )
Im male and im from austria so I do have a accent but i speak english fluently so we shouldnt have a problem there.
I dont care where you are from just make shure that you can speak english good enough to make jokes and well... talk.
We can play any game from my steam libary ( just add me on steam. Username is on the end of the post ) and i have even more games on humble bundle.
You have to be a NICE PERSON and be patient too.
You should be atleast 14 ( if you are younger post below and maybe it will still work. I dont wanna be a douche. )
Also you should be able to really become my friend and be a friend. Trolls will be banned and kicked in the nuts.
I know i might sound serious in this post but i can be serious and funny so dont be fooled by that.
If you are interested comment or add me on Skype OR Steam
Steam: Biggest Gaming Network ( same profile pic as here )
Skype: Moustache Spy ( a dog )
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Really? Come on!
No one wants to make a video with me?
Okay here some more information otherwise this would be against the rules:
I also make animations.
I also make games.
My favourite playwheneveryouwant game is Team Fortress 2 and my favourite story based game is wind Waker (gamecube) or The walking dead (telltate)