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Nov 4, 2018
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New Jersey
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Sup y'all Im FO$T aka FO$T DA GAMA

Keep in mind all of this is free going both ways so don't expect money from me and don't expect me to take money from you.

Im not really looking just letting it be known im still recuiting for the expansion of my group. Although its a twitch and YouTube group(basically label or company at this point) im looking at all platforms all content. Im probably only adding 3-4 more people until I can get a manager. Only things I request are:

  • Be 18+( if your not we may need to talk a little just so we find common ground)

  • Like 1 of the following anime,manga,games,movies, DC,Marvel ish.( Me person im all 3 and other stuff like hip hop, battle rap, basketball but this seems to be the common ground).

  • Be somewhat consistent and at least keep in touch with me. And be able to stand on your own as owner all I should be doing is chillin with y'all, vibing with y'all, and advertising your content

Type of Content I'm looking for:
Im look to broaden the reach of CHTV. So preferred would be:

  • More woman especially gamers because y'all got so real good content and even carry y'all selves even better the most guys I met. So why not push for that.

  • Animators and Other Artists because I feel y'all content could contribute a lot. Some of y'all stuff like spead drawing will get bigger so why not push for that

  • News
  • Motivation, Storytimes, Creepy Pasta, and Advice because y'all actually tell great stories and give great advice

Type of Content im actually accepting:
All. lmao

Content i wont accept:
Purposely dissing other channels, races, gender, religion, politics to an extent, other in vids out of hates ,cheaters and Spammers

Rules(these apply to me as well):

  • No hate
  • No Politics unless informative (in other words no view (I was unknowingly doing this as far as the whole dislike for Trump went)
  • No using people to boast your channel up

What the group hopes to provide but Im not gonna make any promises since im keepin it real lol:
  • Collabs (I doubt it lol. We got people though)
  • Help with channel improvement (Icon,channel, banner,video and social art etc. More plausible)
  • Support as far as mentally goes,I dont mind.
  • Basically just helping you grow

What I want in return for my group? Just rep it shout it out if ya gotta but just rep it. If you need ways to do that,or got ways let me know.

Group so far:
2 Twitch/YouTubers
2-4 YouTubers (its a long story)

Interested Reply here or hit my Twitter up at FO$T DA GAMA (@fo_gama)
Not open for further replies.
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