Changing Featured Video on Onechannel-Layout (Mobile View)


I've Got It
I recently changed to the onechannel layout. I kinda like it, but what bothers me is, if I view my channel on a mobile device, I have a "Featured" Tab, which is default and it shows a video I put there before switching to the onechannel layout. Is there anyway to change it? Or is this one of the downsides with the new onechannel layout? I know you can't have one on the desktop view.
I found this out myself, I am hoping in the future YouTube fix this issue. The one way to change it as far as I am aware is to revert back to the old layout and change it from there, I would recommend using your trailer for the featured video so you don't need to constantly revert back.
Okay thanks for your help! Stupid question, how do I change back to it?:)

**Nevermind, just goto yt()com/onechannel, and on the bottom is the link
^ Just note that in a week or two YouTube will force everyone to switch to the onechannel layout.