Building A News Oriented Channel / Partner Needed


I am seeking a like minded individual(s) who is interested in forging a Youtube Channel together. It would be World / News Oriented. Inspired by channels such as Warthog Defense/Kanal13 and others. I am a Davinci Resolve Editor and can cut, clip & art no problem, just need a friend to build this with since finding a team is step one in doing this. It's not as hard as it may seem, I see low effort videos go up every day and get hundreds of thousands of views. Our videos will not be low effort and our faces will not be shared. Views is what pays, not subscribers. Subs will only come will consistency and that will only come if I get started with a team.

Our tasks would consist of sourcing footage and editing it, copyright free. I would handle editing unless if you volunteer to do so.

Thank you & Message me here or on discord @ Guthrum#2620 If interested.