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Aug 8, 2014
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Network Name: BBTV aka Broadband TV
Time With Network: 2+ years
Total Contract Renewals: 2

I began my journey in one of the sub networks of BroadbandTV, then things changed and had to renew contract and sign with main network due to more features that become available after (more about them later).
Joining them was easy, no complications, never was locked in with network - can request unlink at any time directly from YouTube channel. There were fishy things going on in past with this network as far as i know (problems with revenue shares, possible fraud earning share split etc.), but things got better. Back in days i thought like many others,- joining network will do magic for my channel... well magic did not happen, i grew up (as human being) and realized if i will succeed here, i'll have to work hard on my own.
CPM overall was never high for me in past, but it grew with time, not really sure why, but it appeared so that the bigger your channel is the higher probability to get higher CPM. Recently i negotiated higher revenue share split (to my advantage of course!), they answered within 24h, got my new contract - happy. One thing that i don't like with them is those emails coming with obvious - sometimes irrelevant things for how to grow your channel. Payments were never late, always get an email and file with your earnings report. They pay out whatever you earn! (In past it was important as i wasn't making much).

Support Rating 10/10:
Contacted their supported several times. Always answered quite fast, considering network has a bunch of people to handle. First time contacted due to my payment issue, problem was on my side as i had my paypal account not fully verified. It took about 1 or 2 weeks to fix my account, then contacted them once more and they have issued the payment again as one that was done automatically did not reach me.
Next time i contacted them to help me solve "Third
party content ID match" on one of my videos. I was trying actually to solve it on my own, but after waiting 3 weeks i had no answer to my plead. So support team acted right away... next day i could monetize the video already, was very thankful
since the video grew popular and brought me some substancial income. Support gets high rates from me.

Features Rating 9/10:
As many other networks, BBTV provides with royalty free music libraries of their own, deals with certain musicians as well as listing those that are just out there on the internet for everyones use. There is also a Viso-Catalyst dashboard
where you can review all your stats and data. You get a "Big picture" page where all is summarisied also comparied to previous period of time:

Dashboard provides several tools like video optimization tool - generating tags automatically, can choose video thumbnail from more options than on YouTube or can make one directly one of your own on dashboard.
Can upload video straight from dashboard to YouTube. Moreover, all your reports shown from start in text and possibility to download in PDF format.

Dashboard has another section for those who like to do collabs - you always get suggestions of channels that do same/similar things as you. Though i'm not into collaborating stuff, can not tell further how it works in reality.
Analitics showing stats and earnings (unlike on YouTube those are already recalculated with your split of revenue share).
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