Blackops Commentary, And Unboxing of iPhone 4 (Maybe speed drawing)

Umm probably First time in the video, so its more of surprise to me and i can get a grip to it at the same time as the video viewers.
I would like doing one like that myself but I can imagine messing it up or looking stupid trying to figure something out, like when I got my printer, I couldn't find where to put the USB as they're usually on the back and it was on the inside, if that was a first time thing I would have looked very daft. I suppose that not knowing and then learning is all a part of buying something so it is keeping the video real.
Yeah, i spose you can cut bits out, but its funnier for people too see you mess it up, like im gunna get it out, quickly skim through the manual and tell them about it XD
That's true, it might also incite comments, possibly negative ones but you could turn it around quite easily.
Lol I do I just like how its freezing cold, if it was juice with water from the tap it just isnt as good. I hope it doesnt turn into Bronchitis as it tends to for me.