Comedy Big Chance For Pranksters!


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Hello, we at Top Banter currently have a great chance for pranksters to make a name for themselves! You may have heard of Top Banter from Facebook as we have a page with over 60,000 UK fans and still growing at a respectable pace. We also have a Youtube channel with just 4 videos with a total of 8,000 views, which is an average of 2,000 views per video which is a good starting point.

We're looking for a few pranksters with the following...

-Motivation to do well
-Good quality videos
-Regular Uploads

Anyway, what exactly do we have in mind? Well let me explain, we want a few pranksters to make an extra video specially for our channel (Topbantertb). All videos will be promoted on social media accounts and we aim for over 1,000 per video until we manage to increase our Youtube fan base. You WILL have full credit for every single video that you make for our channel which I'm confident will help your personal channel just as much as ours. We hope to increase your fan base just as well as our own...

We hope all pranksters interested will be in it for the long run as we hope for big things in the future but we just have to be patient, Youtube success doesn't come overnight.

Thank you for reading and if you're interested in being a part of Top Banter or want more details then please contact us on Skype.

Contact: Skype - TopBanterTB
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Hey guys! This sounds interesting! We are based in Australia with 13.4K subscribers and 55K followers on twitter. We upload weekly and mainly do pranks, we do some other small time stuff like Q&A videos but specialise in pranks.
We also nearly have 400,000 views and are looking to collaborate.
We have only recently gotten skype and due to the time difference between us, the email to contact us on is Perhaps we have talk there and then organise a skype time to call? Let us know! Hope to hear from you soon guys!
Regards, Debonair Fox.