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It is critical for you as a YouTube creator to have a strategy for promoting your videos if you want your channel to grow fast

Now Even though there are many platforms that will allow you reach millions of people organically, most YouTube creators find it difficult to promote their videos because they probably don't know where their ideal audience/viewers are and how to target them.

In this video I am going to walk you through one powerful smart ways to gain more exposure for your YouTube videos for free


Now before we jump right into it...I first want to draw your attention to the fact that although promoting your videos using this method will cost you nothing in terms of money, you will still need to put in enough effort to make the promotion effective

So this Free method of promoting your videos will definitely get you views to your videos if you just put in the effort.


Medium is a social publishing platform that is open to all and home to a diverse array of stories, ideas, and perspectives. It's one of the platforms I have been using to generate consistent views to my channel videos and website.

Here is the account stats for the medium account I use for promoting my channel videos


As you can see even with just 1 followers or fans on the platform the number of views and reach has consistently been increasing over the months since I started

Medium is one of the hottest content syndication platforms out there today. Your target audience is probably already reading posts on Medium.

According to similar web medium is generating over 200 million visitors a month


Now Majority of mediums traffic is generated organically according to another stats from similar web and that means the visits to medium are coming from search.

Medium is actually a high authority website in the eyes of Google which means most of the post on medium rank easily on Google that's why anyone can tap into the high authority of the website to generate organic views to their videos or website

If you make a search on Google for some longtail phrases most often you will find a post from medium.

If you take a look at some of the post that are generating views on my medium account you will see that they are also already ranking somewhere on the first page of Google and that means only one thing....Consistent free views and traffic to my posts.

Now what I have noticed when it comes to promoting your videos on medium is that, short posts will hardly generate the type of views you are looking for.

Remember the post you are sharing on medium has to compete with other blog posts on Google for the top rankings so the only advantage your post will have over the other blog post is the authority that comes by just using the medium platform

So you will need to create a blog like post and embed your video within the post.

Let me just walk you through...

What I usually do to promote my videos on Medium

Now whenever I create a video that I will like to get more views on, what I usually do is make a whole post of about 500-1000 words about that video and post it on my website.

After publishing the post on my website, what I do next is copy the link of the post and headcover to medium


Now there are two ways to post content on medium you can either use the import story button or the write a story button. The write a story button can be used to create a post directly on the medium platform

So if you don't have a website you can simply use the write a story option to type out something that is about or related to the video you want to promote (You can even use the video transcript, space it out a little and embed your video within the post)

Now in my case I usually use the import option because it doesn't only pull up the entire post from my website it also pulls up any links within the post especially my website link at the end of the post which also due to the authority of medium helps with the SEO of the blog post.

To import a story from your website simply click on the import button and then on the next page enter the link of the post you want to import and click on the import button below


On the next page below click on see your story and just like that your story will be imported with links pointing back to the original post

Now I know you might have concerns here about posting duplicate content, well That is a valid concern but Medium automatically adds a canonical tag on your medium post

That means Medium is telling Google that the content posted on your website or the imported content is the original version.

Now because of that canonical tag added, search engines will point towards the imported or original post as such your website will not receive any penalty.

Now if you are using the import method you always want to cross check your post because sometimes medium is unable to pull your videos from within the post so, I usually manually add the vide by just copying the video link and pasting it within the post

Then click to the next step add some tags and either publish your post or schedule it to be posted on a later day and that's it.

That's all it takes to promote your YouTube videos on medium....What will start happening is that after a few weeks your post will be index and ranked somewhere on Google again due to the authority of medium and that's how you will with time start generating free views to your videos and channel as a whole.

Now Medium is just one of many ways to promote your YouTube videos for free, If you want other easy ways to start generating free and organic views to your YouTube videos.

You might want to checkout syndtrio,

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