Audio Visualizer?


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Aug 9, 2018
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My name is Thomniverse and I started a youtube channel roughly 2 months ago.

For my channel I make remixes of songs I like and when my channels grows I want to be a request remix channel (not 100% sure yet).

I have a friend, who is like my over the top best friend. I asked him when I started, if he was able to watch my videos and criticize them.

When this week, he started talking about an Audio Visualizer (even though he didn't know that name).

I was really inspired by his idea, and started looking around the internet for how to make them.
I only found things like, how to make them with Ae or other programs which require an android device.

Self I'm using a laptop for my video's, and my question is.
How Do You Make An Audio Visualizer?
TubeBuddy Easy to use and install.