Are YouTube Ad's Still Broken?

Hey, I know at one point YouTube had a issue with them showing ads at one point at all but it looks like they just about got out all the issues and etc and for the month of June I had over 1.6 million views and only 130k monetized views. Like is it YouTube or is it my network itself? I feel ripped off.
The situation with earnings and ads still poor.
In June I had 167255 monetized playbacks from 1816669 views. Only 9.2% from the total views. A year ago it was close to 20%.
After the whole Wall Street Journal fiasco, advertisers are a lot more cautious about YouTube. Most of them have slowly inched their way back in, but now they have stricter guidelines for their ads to appear on content, and because companies are more cautious, they're less willing to take the 'risk' of placing their ads on just any video. So, monetization isn't really broken, per se, it's just a lot stricter and harder.
I noticed that none of my videos seem to have ads but I noticed various videos don't seem to have ads, including the videos of you guys.
Are the ads not working at the moment?
Yeah its definitelly still kinda "broken"... and that makes earning good money hard... very hard. But hey I think this had to happen sooner or later. Its like a purge.
They seem to be working for me!

Hm, strange. I checked out some of your vids and they didn't have ads either. Not even PewDiePie's videos have ads. My browser normally doesn't have any adblock. Maybe there is a different
reason I have to find out.