Are Intros important?

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Regular viewers wont mind, but if someone is just subscribing to you and watching a lot of your older content, that's a lot of intro time they're sitting through at once.
i wouldn't say it can be important. ill tell you why.
if you place that little image at the begining, it sticks to people in their head as a memory, so incase they accedently click your video randomly in the sugested videos and they see that intro/image they would know that they have encountered you twice therefore they might want t sub you.
Personally, I think that outros are more effective. It's been said before, but getting straight to the point and captivating your audience is important.

But an outro can also be an advertisement for your other videos and your channel. So it's very useful.
Thanks for the input people. Yeah an outro is something I would like to look at to possibly direct viewers to other videos etc
If they're short they are not a waste of time and help tremendously with branding. That's why movies, and TV shows always do them. I still love the way Big Bang Theory comes on, or a my favorite YouTube cooking show (besides mine) comes on. It puts me in a good mood ready watch the show, or video. However, on YouTube I believe the shorter the better. :)
Just my opinion but intros are annoying. I just wanna watch a video not a 20 second credit sequence lol. Outros can be a good idea though, as a way of prompting folks to subscribe, and posting the next/prev video using annotations etc. That way, people who don't want to watch aren't forced to.
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